Frequently Answered Questions

  • What is Energy Medicine?

    Energy Medicine is the art and science of working the natural subtle energies of the body to empower the individual to align with health, vitality and well-being. Eastern cultures have long recognized these energies, and more recently Western medicine is adopting this premise.

    Energy medicine combines the mind/body connection, the emotions and the energy intake system (chakras). It is becoming an accepted fact that thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on the body, and long standing negativity can result in illness. Learning to function with positive energy becomes a choice once we have the tools and awareness that Energy Medicine promotes. Energy Medicine is not meant to replace traditional health modalities but rather used as an adjunct in complementary care, addressing both physical and emotional disorders.

  • What is medical intuition?

    Medical Intuition is an art form that applies a right brain function of obtaining pertinent information that the mind/body/soul are trying to communicate to each other. Our body has an amazing communication system that we are really just beginning to understand. When we do not process these sometimes subtle messages the body will try harder to communicate. Sometimes in this process the body will go into dysfunction or dis-ease mode in an attempt to communicate. Medical intuition assumes there may be an originating cause for this dysfunction. Right brain function through intuition

  • How can Energy Medicine benefit me?

    The study of energy medicine enhances personal empowerment and gives you tools for assisting optimal health and well-being for yourself and your loved ones. By recognizing and developing your own natural intuitive abilities, you can change your life by becoming aware of how your thoughts affect your energy system before blocks can occur, interfering with your natural state. Awareness, knowledge and conscious choices bring about improved health and vitality and serve as a basis for preventive medicine.

  • How can this be done from a distance with no information on the person?

    Energy is a transferable commodity, it exists everywhere in our environment. Our planet is made up of Electro-magnetic fields and energy is a part of this existence. We have all experienced thinking of someone, only to hear from that person within moments. That is energy moving through a form of telekinetic transportation. A person’s energy body has the same ability to transmit. There is no difference in assessing a person through distance or in close proximity, the accuracy is the same.

  • How can I develop my own intuitive abilities?

    Health and Empowerment workshops are offered to teach the basics of energy awareness and intuitive development. Please see our Workshops for further details.

  • Do I need medical training to be a Medical Intuitive?

    No, you need nothing more than the desire to learn and the determination to put the knowledge into practice. The same requirements for developing any skill, like playing the piano for example. It is important to note that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be developed with practice. It is not a “gift” that only some people receive. Intuitive Healing course has been taught to a broad range of people from children to medical doctors with meaningful experiences to all.