Dr. Marilyn Parkin, ICMI Founder

dr marilyn parkin

Marilyn Parkin has been a practicing Medical Intuitive for several years. She earned her PhD in Energy Medicine through an innovative program designed by Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Caroline Myss (author of “Anatomy of The Spirit”). Marilyn previously spent many years in nursing and holds a degree in Sociology and Psychology. She also teaches Health and Empowerment seminars worldwide and has founded the College of Medical Intuition, which opened in Vancouver in September 2002.

Marilyn’s workshops are highly interactive. She advocates a hands-on approach, to encourage individuals to experience and develop their own inherent abilities. She is a warm, compassionate and generous teacher. Her courses are practical and based on intuitive as well as scientific knowledge.

Marilyn does not advocate alternative practices in place of conventional medicine. However, in her experience as a Medical Intuitive, she finds the assessed information very beneficial as integration to traditional methods.

Medical intuition should never replace your primary health care giver (doctor) but be chosen as an alternative to access meaningful information in the body that can lead to wellness and healing. ICMI is an integrative Institution which is defined as working with every aspect of wellness in a holistic approach – everyone working together!

A medical intuitive does not practice medicine so therefore would never advice a client to not take medication prescribed by their doctor or advice they should not see a medical doctor.

For information on how to select an Intuitive Assessment through students or graduates from the CMI program, please visit the College or Intuitive Assessment sites.