Student Intuitive Assessments

The International College of Medical Intuition (ICMI) is offering Student Medical Intuitive Evaluations as part of the student continued experience. The students have successfully acquired a level of accuracy that permits them to do Intuitive Evaluations for the general public.

Students of ICMI are trained to do an Intuitive Assessment through remote viewing. Intuition as a tool is used to access energetic information from the physical body. Please review the FAQ or How it Works pages for a more detailed explanation.

What to Expect From an Intuitive Assessment

Medical intuition should never replace your primary health care giver (doctor) but be chosen as an alternative to access meaningful information in the body that can lead to wellness and healing. ICMI is an integrative Institution which is defined as working with every aspect of wellness in a holistic approach – everyone working together!

A medical intuitive does not practice medicine so therefore would never advice a client to not take medication prescribed by their doctor or advice they should not see a medical doctor.

The Student Medical Intuitives are in compliance with the ICMI program and will graduate with a certificate in the field of Medical Intuition. All students are qualified by ICMI and present within the ethical guidelines established through ICMI, which includes active malpractice insurance coverage.

Questions? Call Dr. Marilyn Parkin at 604.535.0521.

New Student Practitioners Coming in June 2021!

Tax is not charged due to educational policy of a case study during this period. Fee for case study is $75.

The Student Medical Intuitive Evaluations will consist of the same format that will be used upon graduation. A written report of approximately 6-8 pages will be sent by email for those with computer access, and mailed for those without, to the client in a timely manner after name and age have been exchanged through this website or the office.

A follow-up telephone conversation between the student and client to further discuss your situation and help you understand the content of the written report will complete the Intuitive Assessment.

Once you have read the report and made notes, please contact your practitioner to schedule the appointment to discuss the report in detail. Often more information surfaces during this process.

Recommendations and treatment will be determined, often placing the client back into the medical system for treatment that focuses on the origin of why the body is feeling the way it does. Symptoms tend to be an end result of the body’s messaging system.

I am very proud of my students and feel they are well qualified to present a Student Medical Intuitive Evaluation. They are presently in their final semester of a 4-semester program and have successfully maintained the ICMI high-level requirement of accuracy and competency.

On a personal level, it is with great admiration, I share the experience of walking with my students as we break new ground in the field of Medical Intuition and acknowledge them for having the courage to follow their hearts!

Dr. Marilyn Parkin


These reports are not intended to replace advice of your medical professional. They are intuitive evaluations based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body and must be handled in such a manner. The intention of such reports is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as an assessment tool.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

No refunds will be granted after an Intuitive Assessment request has been submitted.

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