Stress Reduction Therapy

Sensory Sound System – The ultimate in Stress Reduction and Relaxation! This one of a kind state of the art “Sound Bed” promotes wellness through vibrational frequencies in just 35 minutes while you lie down and let the stress release!

Research on the Sound Bed showed a measurable difference of improvement in the area of depression. The sound frequencies actually contribute toward healthy cells which communicate, oxygenate and absorb nutrients better.

Cell Levels:


Pre-Sound Bed

Post-Sound Bed

Post-Sound Bed

Sound Bed

Therapy room

Sound Bed

Private client waiting area

The Science Behind the Sensory Sound System

The science and psychology behind this device is to assist the red blood cells to vibrate apart so they can oxygenate and communicate better with each other. This procedure establishes an opportunity to energetically reconstruct not only our physical and emotional environment, but also our belief systems to achieve optimal wellness conditions.

Try it! Unbelievable! Not to be confused with a “Music Bed”.

Cost: $30 plus GST

Location: #404 – 1688 152 Street
South Surrey, BC V4A 4N2


Available Appointment Days & Times

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Duration 35 minutes

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