The International College of Medical Intuition, Inc.

It is with great pleasure and pride I announce ICMI (International College of Medical Intuition) is now Registered with the PTIB which is a Crown Corporation under the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia. We also take pride in being the only school teaching medical intuition to achieve this form of registration. Our next step is to achieve licensing so no person without being properly trained in this field will be allowed to practice. This creates a win-win for everyone.

The official date was March 1, 2014. This date will mark history for the field of Medical Intuition and I thank you all for being part of that process. Without students, future students, teachers, staff and dreams we would have not made this journey a reality! It takes following your dreams and seeing a vision which is not always clear in front of you but strong in your heart!

Please inquire about admissions now.

Thank you and Bless you all!

Dr. Marilyn Parkin

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the International College of Medical Intuition to bring awareness and create wellness through the integration of the mind, body and soul. This can be accomplished through the art of intuition which is an innate ability.

We all enter this world with an internal blueprint that can be accessed through our sixth sense of intuition. Tapping into that information allows us to live a full life experience meant just for us.

Wellness is a state of mind and it is important to learn that order can come from chaos through choices. Love is a choice and is the greatest energy of all.

“Learning to function with positive energy becomes a choice once we have the tools and awareness that Intuitive Healing promotes.”


1 Year Advanced Course

The International College of Medical Intuition offers an advanced one-year distance program on the various aspects to establish the goals required to incorporate a Medical Intuitive practice. Course curriculum includes medical intuition, basic energy psychology, medical ethics and business development.

The course contains 4 separate semesters which work well on their own but for ultimate learning experience the full course should be taken and must be taken in a consecutive order. Students must attend a 2-day in class session the beginning of each semester which is September, January, March and June. Students are carefully monitored and supported during the distance portion of the program to encourage full understanding of the field of study. Feedback and discussion is included at 2-week intervals and all students will receive a student review at the end of each semester. The information taught can work independently well for a person who already works in a field of an energy based modality or the healing arts. It is also a wonderful adjunct to any area of present work. Intuition is an innate ability and assists one in governing their specific direction in life.

Students learn to intuitively assess physical, emotional and energetic states of wellness with an aim of finding originating causes of dysfunctions. Course policy promotes working towards an integrated health system and students are teamed to work with health care professionals (doctors) in Semester 2.

This is a groundbreaking discipline which provides the opportunity for a rich and rewarding career choice or to add to an already existing healing art. The level of efficacy of this therapy offers much in the way of professional and personal fulfillment. Qualified Intuitives are in demand making this an excellent choice for those who desire to make a difference by assisting others on their path to health and wellness.


  • Interview with Dr. Parkin
  • Basic computer skills
  • Word processing capability on PC or Mac computer
  • Able to save douments
  • Able to send attachments
  • Ability to set up file system to save documents
  • Good writing and Language skills
  • Submission of a 500 word essay of desire to become a medical intuitive
  • BA or Equivalency as determined by Dr. Parkin:
    • Some post-secondary credits or certification in any field
    • Includes prior life experience
    • Nursing experience (BNA, RN, LPN, PRN)
    • Established business

ICMI Course Outline (PDF)
ICMI Program Outline (PDF)
ICMI Admissions Policy (PDF)

Medical Intuition for Doctors


  • Interview with Dr. Parkin
  • MD, ND, PhD, Chiropractor
  • Basic computer skills
  • Word processing capability on PC or Mac computer
  • Able to save douments
  • Able to send attachments
  • Ability to set up file system to save documents
  • Good Writing and Language skills
  • Submission of a 500 word essay of desire to learn medical intuition

Condensed form of learning specially designed for doctors to be completed in 3-months. This is a distance education program with 4-in class dates. Certification in Medical Intuition is granted upon graduating this course.

Course intake dates:

February to April 2017 (in class date February 6-9 inclusive) Meeting room in Vancouver
September to November 2017 (in class dates September 5-7 inclusive) Meeting room in NYC

For further information please inquire with Dr. Parkin at or (604) 535-0521

Limit of 10 students per course intake. Registration taking place now for both intakes.

ICMI Certified Medical Intuitives

The International College of Medical Intuition is proud to represent its graduates from this innovative program. The graduates offer their services through the web site which will entail a full and comprehensive Medical Intuitive report of approximately 6-8 pages which is followed by a 1-hour telephone conference call between the practitioner and the client to further explain the contents of the report and offer specific recommendations to obtain a successful path toward wellness.

ICMI World Tour

The International College of Medical Intuition (Canada) is accepting training invitations from around the world—please inquire now for September 2017.

Director and founder — Dr. Marilyn Parkin, who is a gifted Medical Intuitive and a doctoral graduate of the Energy Medicine program taught by Dr. C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Caroline Myss.

Contact or 604-535-0521.